MDF Skirting Board Vs. Plywood Skirting Board

Lately many people ask a question that what is so special about MDF skirtingboard. Why can’t they simply use plywood?

Here is the answer to this question

Mdf is basically a carefully processed product which somehow looks similar to a ply board. But there is a lot of difference between the two. Mdf is manufactured from minute fibers and thus leaves no wooden grains. It is processed at such extremely high temperatures that is doesn’t leave any loopholes. But you will always find holes and loops in normal plywood.

If you compare the two with your naked eye you can easily spot the difference. It doesn’t require a microscope to figure out that MDF is much higher in quality. If you rub your palm on MDF skirtingboard you will find it very smooth on your skin but if you rub your hand on normal plywood you will find lot of roughness. Minute small particles can even penetrate your skin thus making plywood all the more dangerous.

Advantages of mdf boards over plywood-

· Mdf skirting board is more pocket friendly. It way much cheaper than a plywood

· Mdf boards are much smoother and finer than plywood. It doesn’t have any uneven surface unlike plywood.

· Mdf skirting boards can carry the coats of paint much easily. Its smooth surface will create a better effect than plywood. It also primes much easily and quickly.

· Mdf board has much finer ends. You don’t have to worry about any sharp or rough edges. A plywood is always at a risk of harming the skin

· Mdf skirting boards is easy to mould as compared to plywood. Its smoothness creates better designs and better decorative corners.

· Mdf skirting is more durable and heat resistant as compared to plywood.